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How do you get from having a teenager who is severely depressed, to having them thank you for everything you’ve done for them? In a world where society is ever more challenging, how do we help teenagers take control of their own emotions? How do we get more teenagers to embrace life head on? Emotional control is not an inherent ability for everyone. We have two options: we can actively teach them how their core emotions push them forward or leave them angry and stuck in a rut. We can teach them how to use this knowledge proactively in self-development. Or, we can leave them to figure it out themselves. This sometimes feels like their only choice, when we offer what seems like a series of quotes. This talk outlines a ‘simple way’ to discuss core emotions and help teenagers to realise, life’s not as complicated as they think. Having suffered postnatal depression, Kay could spot the signs when her youngest suffered depression from early on. Later diagnosed with Asperger’s and very little support back then, Kay developed intuitive ways of coping with his mood swings. By her son’s late teens, she learned to systemise her methods in a way she could explain. Now she could help her son to overcome some of the challenges of adult life himself. It even helps Kay on challenging days. Kay realised through their methods of emotional mindfulness, why so many teenagers feel overloaded, when many could potentially help themselves out of depression.