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Intrusive thoughts are unwanted visualizations or ideas that come into your mind. People with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and Anxiety often deal with these sorts of thoughts. People who cope with them have a difficult time shaking these ideas to the point where they become obsessive. They can’t stop thinking about these unpleasant ideas. When a person has OCD, the thoughts might come along with compulsions. An example might be a person who is afraid of death might believe that if they touch the counter seven times, they won’t die. The idea that touching something will prevent death isn’t rational, but it’s an intrusive thought, and they’re not rational, but they are common amongst people with OCD.

People with anxiety also experience intrusive thoughts. A person might be driving, and out of nowhere, the thought comes into their head that they’re going to crash. It’s an intrusive thought, and someone with anxiety might struggle to shake the feeling it gave them. These unwelcome mind visitors sometimes torture people.

They might think something is wrong with them, but they are incredibly common with people who have anxiety disorders. If you’re struggling with intrusive thoughts, talking with an online therapist could help you cope. You’ll learn techniques to manage your intrusive thoughts when they appear and start feeling better.

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